Farm Wife Devotions: You Have A Purpose

FWD - You Have a Purpose

Last week I came across a video of two men who were trying to qualify for the American Olympic Team. It wasn't just the dive that impressed me, but their attitude, demeanor, and what they said to the reporter after their dive and learning that they had qualified for the Olympic Team. Throughout their interview they gave the glory to God. They didn't take an ounce of credit for what they accomplished. They felt so blessed that they had made it onto the team, not because of their achievements but because of the sacrifice that Jesus made.

It got me thinking...

We each have a God-given purpose. A purpose for our lives no matter what.

“Really Mallory? You don't know about my past or this or that.” You are correct. I don't know your past. I do not know what you've been through. But my dear sister, I know someone who knows every single hair on your head and every thought, prayer and desire you have and it is in Him that you do have a purpose!!

What is God's purpose for me? What does it look like? How does someone like me obtain it?

That is simple!! You serve the King of all kings with the desire to speak and serve Him above all else. No matter what you've done or been through, there is a purpose behind that. God set that up for you, so you may speak for Him on His behalf to others.  When you do anything, make sure that Jesus receives the credit for it, because without His sacrifice, what you have obtained or accomplished would not be possible.

God gifts our talents to us, and out of a grateful heart, we are to give back the glory to Jesus who has welcomed us to come into His kingdom. When we speak in public, it should be pleasing to God and when we serve in public, it should be pleasing to God. When we are ag-vocating, working, dropping grain off, moving cattle, standing at the CO-OP for seed, branding calves, etc. we need to use our mouths and actions as tools to bring Him glory. I heard a saying from one of my favorite singers (Aaron Watson) that applies to this subject. He said,

"If what you're doing isn't pleasing to God or your momma, you shouldn't be doing it."

He is so right!!! It is God who has given us the talents we possess and He has given us the tools to bring Him glory! Without Him where would we be?

FWD - You Have a Purpose2

Father, help us give back to you everyday with our words and our actions. You have blessed us in so many ways and our gifts are so abundant, help us to turn them back to you and glorify you because without you we couldn't do what we do.

Today’s Farm Wife Devotion was written and shared with us by Mallory Dougherty a fellow rural sister in agriculture! Thank you so much Mallory for sharing your heart with us!

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FWD Contributor: Mallory

Mallory Dougherty grew up moving around Kansas as her family worked for a few different ranches in the western side of the state. Her grandparents raise cattle and do custom haying. She grew up on the rodeo and cattle showing circuits. She recently married in February 2016. She and her husband have a 5 year old son and a little girl on the way. They live in Montana, where her husband works for a local ranch. They have every intention to start their own herd of registered and showing cattle. Mallory has been in the military for 10 years now, working with the Chinook helicopters. Her faith has been her rock throughout the years. Without it she would not be where she is. She hopes to provide inspiration and guidance to her fellow sisters in Christ, by sharing the things God has laid on her heart!