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Is our Ag-vocating pointless?

Those of us in Agriculture, can no longer think or say things like, “you won’t get it unless you grew up on a farm or ranch and are living it”. We cannot let that pass our lips! 

Our experiences provide depth and emotion to our advocating for Agriculture. Many of the opposing viewpoints or loudest voices that may be the most detrimental to Agriculture are very emotionally based. Sharing our experiences, struggles, passion, memories, traditions, and loyalty shows investment of the deepest kind and is the best way to combat the statements of emotionally based bandwagon joiners.

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A piece of FarmHer advice I really dislike!

There is a frequently used piece of advice that is given between generations of women and FarmHer to FarmHer that just rubs me the wrong way every time I hear it. This piece of advice is this: “Don’t learn a new skill on the farm unless you want to do it for the rest of your life!” Now if you’ve said that, I still love you and think you’re awesome, but I want to share with you why it bugs me!

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"Your World Is Not Falling Apart..."

I've never been in as dark a place as I have been for the last few weeks. A place that I could describe as filled with despair, discouragement, depression and overwhelm.I promised myself that after last year I wouldn't get discouraged again. In fact I even wrote a blog post about "drawing a line in the sand". I swear that after I wrote that it was as if the devil said "you want to bet?"

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Suicide And The Ag Community

The suicide rate among folks in agriculture are alarmingly high. The suicide rate for men in farming, fishing and forestry is 90.5 per 100,000, which is the highest of any occupational group, but it is believed that it is under-reported, so it is quite possibly much higher. The rural/farming/ranching community can be a very proud, quiet community. When challenges arise, very rarely does it do any good to keep quiet and not talk about them.

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The Heart of a Rural Sister: Lauren

This is the second installment of an interview type post, where I visit with another rural woman in agriculture! I so love getting to know each woman, hearing her story, learning from the lessons she shares and being encouraged by her resiliency, determination and courage! Here is Lauren!

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To My Love

Happy days after Valentine's Day! Valentine’s day is always fun, but in truth I find it more important to show and be shown love the other 364 days of the year. I know you feel the same way! That started me thinking... We have a unique situation. We spend a lot of time together because of our agricultural lifestyle. This fact does not give either of us an easy out.

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