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Farm Wife Devotions: Anger - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Recently, I was scrolling through a Facebook group specifically for women in ag and one of the members who was also a part of the LGBTQA community was reaching out to find other women on the page who were part of the LGBTQA community. Unfortunately, some of the women spoke strongly against her, belittled her and began to preach to her. Not more than 24hrs rolled by and there was a non-religious post asking if there were others like her in the group.

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hen I think of resourcefulness the first image or scenario that comes to mind is using baling twine to fix/hold something together! But, some where between the roles of wife, chef, peace keeper, bill keeper, manager, go-fer, house keeper, baby maker, dreamer, fill-in to part-time equipment operator, work in town-er, etc, I realized that being a farm wife is to be resourceful!

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